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Mohamed is a true talent, unique in his kind!

Because Mohamed’s looks are so similar to Christiano Ronaldo’s, he is the perfect look alike for commercials, campagnes, promotion acts, shows, parties and other marketing related business.
As a real Christiano Ronaldo fan, sportsman and entertainer Mohamed gets people excited and relaxed in the same way. He knows how to interact in a funny and professional way. His positive attitude, enthousiasme and drive makes it easy working together with Mohamed.

To give you an example of one of his marketing stunts, check out the video down below where he got hired by Nike for a short part in one of there video-commercials.


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Mohamed imitates Christiano Ronaldo like no other, this makes the surprise more bigger and the reaction on peoples faces are wonderful. We’ll like to make it as easy as possible for you to book Christiano Ronaldo’s look alike. Fill in the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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About the CR7 Lookalike

I love my job and have had some wonderful experiences, through which I’ve made some great friendships along the way. It’s always an honor, to appear at any kind of event, party or promotion, football-event where I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some truly talented companies and individuals.

I have body doubled for Christiano Ronaldo in fotoshoots, sets of TV adverts and been a guest several times at exhibitions.

If you are looking to hire a Celebrity lookalike as entertainment for your Corporate Event, Private Party, Wedding, Product Launch, Trade Show, PR Stunt, Award Ceremony Hosting, Festival, Football match, Football-entertainment, event, camps, promotional acts or Mix and Mingle Artist, then I would to be a guest on your event.

Lookalike Projects and Assignments


When you’re looking to hire a lookalike for your event or ceremony, you want someone confident, engaging and experienced. Mohamed has the impression and mannerisms to bring the full Christiano Ronaldo experience to your audience!

Commercials and TV

Mohamed is an experienced lookalike and performer, and has body doubled for Christiano Ronaldo himself on sets of television adverts for several channels, working alongside other football players and lookalikes.


Mohamed is without a doubt one of the top lookalikes in the world, and his uncanny resemble acknowledged by Christiano Ronaldo himself, who was shocked on live TV when he first met him, means that he is perfect for media promotions, plus Mohamed has appeared in various magazine articles.

Private parties

If you hire a celebrity lookalike for your event or Private Party, it can bring an amazing reaction from your guests, and Christiano Ronaldo’s lookalike Mohamed Taha is the perfect entertainer for it.

Mohamed will mix with your guests posing for photos and personal videos. Plus Mohamed can tailor his act for all ages, having performed at corporate parties, schools, holiday resorts, shopping centres, nightclubs and weddings.

Product launches

If you are thinking of hiring lookalikes for your event or party, then Christiano Ronaldo lookalike Mohamed Taha can add that special touch to your entertainment! Launch your product and give it an extra boost by putting Christiano Ronaldo’s look alike next to it!

PR stunts

Christiano Ronaldo’s lookalike and impersonator Mohamed Taha is one of the best lookalikes for hire and has been booked for numerous PR Stunts, whether it be for Company videos, a viral campaign, or street- and event-promotions, shop openings and product launches.

Mohamed was hired by several teams to perform stunts at his exhibitions in several countries. Mohamed has the body language, mannerisms and impression to bring the Christiano Ronaldo style to your next event!

Shop opening

Christiano Ronaldo’s lookalike Mohamed Taha is the perfect entertainment artist to hire for your shop opening, as he brings a memorable eye catching surprise to any promotion or event.

Mohamed helped launch several stores in the Netherlands and has appeared at Designer stores, Shopping Centre events, and been part of new concept launches! Get in touch now to hire one of the best Celebrity Lookalikes for your event!

Trade show

Christiano Ronaldo’s lookalike and impersonator Mohamed Taha, is one of the best lookalikes for hire, and is an experienced, confident performer who can interact with potential clients on your Trade Stand, showcasing your company and product.

Mohamed Taha has worked at a number of venues, companies and channels worldwide.


If you are looking to hire a lookalike for your Wedding day entertainment, to bring a special surprising touch, then why not book Christiano Ronaldo’s lookalike Mohamed Taha as the perfect wedding entertainment for all your guests.

Mohamed is one of the most experienced celebrity lookalikes, and can feature at any part of your big day, from the Champagne reception, to the wedding meal, to the evening party, or maybe you have your own idea?